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that you will do the right thing. so where does that leave us? the thing is, it turns out you can't control your heart. (chuckles) damn thing just does wh it wants. and what's yours doing now? other than beating a million miles a minute? i just... i think that after the last few weeks, you know, and all the trust issues, i think that we should take it slow. totally. you know, let things unfold naturally. right. i think i-i need some time to... heather: oh, my god. what... i knew it. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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land after a high seas crui from hell... the stories this is kpix5 news on the cw. we heard that their cabins flooded. they were ankle deep in sewage.
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it was a mess. >> back on dry land after a high sea cruise from hell. the story from passengers as they finally reached port. dismanteling an explosive situation. now in its third day. the latest danger discovered inside a south bay home. and thieves using a terrifying tactic. the east bay business that lost merchandise and part of it store front in an early morning heist. good evening, i'm elizabeth cooke. >> and i'm ken bastida. days after a fire extinguished their caribbean vacation, thousand of passengers are back on dry land. the carnival triumph limped into mobile, alabama, tonight after four difficult and disgusting days adrift. randall pinkston is dock side. >> reporter: passengers wave from the deck as it pulled into port in mobile, alabama, ending a miserable week at sea. nikki was on board with his
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wife. toilets made life on the ship difficult. >> monday and tuesday were really, really bad. everybody was using buckets to do what they had to do. >> the triumph set out last thursday, but that changed when an engine fire knocked out power. conditions deteriorated quickly. >> the really bad part was that there was no running water in toilets for almost the first 30 hours. once they finally did get running water, only in certain places. i would say it's the worst smell imaginable. >> carnival ceo showed up personally to apologize. >> we pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience and clearly, we failed in this particular case. >> carnival arranged for buses to carry passengers from the terminal to new orleans or houston in galveston, texas, but family members say carnival
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shouldn't be surprised. carnival will take two to three hours to get everyone off their ship. bringing an end to vacation most would rather forget. >> that was randall pinkston in mobile, alabama. breaking news in san leandro, a large-scale man hunt is underway right now. he assaulted a police officer as he was being arrested. we're told the suspect has handcuffs on one hand and was last seen running along the bank of the creek. he is wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. police say ringthe scuffle, an officer fell back and hit his head on the pavement. neighbors of the man police say threatened to kill a state senator were literally living next to a ticking time bomb. police say the santa clara man had the means to do it, based on what the bomb squad found today.
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investigators have been combing the suspect's house for days now and kpix5 reporter tells us the disturbing discovery just didn't stop. kit. >> liz, it has been a tense and nerve racking three days as these crews have been going room to room sifting through junk that piled four feet high, looking for bombs. they think they are 70 to 80 percent done. today, we got a few more glimpses of what is looking more and more like a bomb factory. >> yeah. you know, it could have hurt a will lot of people here. >> there were chemicals. but this is the game changer. the bomb squad wore helmets and protective vests as they placed a destructive device inside a chamber. the bomb techs sealed it, drove it away, and blew it up. >> unlike the substance they found earlier in this investigation, which were incomplete, those actual items
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were complete and they were ready to use. >> home belongs to everett. investigators say he e-mailed a death threat to state senator, leeland yee, who introduced gun control legislation. on tuesday, a s.w.a.t. team raided his home. crews found and detonated some materials, and confiscated at least two assault weapons. they spent the past three days picking through clutter piled chest high, never knowing what they'll find. >> when i'm in there, the only thing on my mind is, what is under that box or what's in that drawer? >> he also wore military fatigues and has had surveillance cameras for years. neighbors say he was an exentric wreck loose. >> i'm glad he's in jail and they can keep him there and put him somewhere else far, far away. >> and he will be arraigned in court tomorrow on charges of making a threat against a public official and also other weapons charges. he also used to work for apple
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cofounder, steve was wasniak. as kit mentioned, police say this guy had it out for leeland yee. he was pushing for tighter gun control and he got angry voice mails when he wrote a bill for the bullet button, which makes illegal assault rifles legal in california. he told allen martin today, the threat was like no other. >> when you start reading the e-mail, it really outlines, step by step, as to how they were going to stalk you. how they were going to then put a gun on their site, you know, at you, and how they are going to pull the trigger and blow you away. >> senator yee says the threat won't stop his campaign against the bullet button. in fact, he calls it proof that
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the ban is needed. >> well, it's official. the body in a burned out cabin is in deed, christopher dorner. the coroner identified him through dental records today. law enforcement cornered dorner at the cabin on tuesday. a week after he started terrorizing police officers and their families. dorner's exgirlfriend says what he did was in excusable. >> i don't think it's any way justifiable. someone going out and killing anyone because they are stressed out at work. there are outlets of releasing stress. and chris was one of those people. he bottled up emotions and wasn't good at expressing himself. >> the coroner still has to determine the cause of death, whether dorner died in the fire or if he shot himself. the mother of an 18-year- old shot to death on an elementary school campus is making a plea for the gunman to turn himself in. family and friends of foster are heartbroken over his death last night. foster was playing dice at a
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hillside elementary school in san leandro. just before 9:00, shots rang out. his mother believes he knew the killer. >> please. turn yourself in. my baby did not deserve that. he didn't deserve it at all. >> hillside elementary was closed for the day today as investigators scoured the school grounds for clues. so far, they have no motive and no suspects. the school will be open tomorrow. >> checking bay area headlines tonight, fremont police think they arrested the woman seen in this surveillance video stealing a package and canned goods for the needy. the suspect nabbed the items from the porch of a home in the glennmore neighborhood back in november. police booked danielle gonzalez of oakland on charges of stealing mail, credit cards, and id's. bikes on bart is coming back for a week starting march 18. cyclists will be allowed to take their bikes on trains any
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time. last august, the bikes on board experiment was tried during commute hours, but only on fridays. next month's test could be the last step in making the policy permanent. and oil tankers and other large ships will have to steer clear of the bay bridge when it's foggy. new rules adopted today limit large vessels from sailing under the bridge when visibility is a half mile or less. the move follows last month's power scrape involving an empty tanker and five years after the crash that led to a major fuel spill. both collisions happened in heavy fog. when you hear the word, drone, local surveillance is not what typically comes to mind. alameda county is considering a plan to spend $50,000 for aerial surveillance drones. civil rights groups say it could be a violation of privacy, but the sheriff says it is just another search and rescue tool.
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>> we don't use these types of devices for surveillance or gathering intell on civilian activity. so they are used to gather intelligence from the scene of a mission specific exercise we are deployed to. >> the public protection committee is considering the sheriff drone proposal, but hasn't reached a decision. coming up, taking smash and grab robberies to an aggressive extreme. what some bay area thieves are doing now to get to the stuff they are trying to steal. >> i hate, hate, hate valentine's day. >> and no love for the holiday of the heart. how the single and unattached suffer through the day. if you love, love, love 70- degree temperatures, hang out over the next 24 hours. if you love rain fall, things are changing in the extended forecast. i have something for you as well. bay bridge looks nice tonight.
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that's next. ,,,,,,,,
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[ man ] it's big. quickly reconnects families. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. east bay. people are stealing c new at 10:00, a new trend seems to be appearing in the east bay. people are stealing cars and then smashing them into stores to rob them. kpix is at the latest location of a store in pleas sent hill. joe. >> you can see there's still quite a mess to clean up outside the store here. investigators say this crash and rob probably took less than a minute. he crashed right through the front glass. 5:30 this morning, pleasant hill police say a thief found a stolen car, quickly jumped out, grabbed some phones and
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tablets, abandoned the car, and ran back outside. surveillance cameras captured some of the action, they were waitg for him in a get away car. they picked up the thief and drove off. the car was so freshly stolen, it wasn't reported yet when the cops called the registered owner, he was surprised to learn his car had been taken. shoppers aren't surprised this happened, but not happy, either. >> for someone to do that with a car because they want free stuff, it's not fair to anyone else. >> this case is a lot like another recent incident not too far away. last week, february 8 at the game stop, a man drove a stolen truck into the window of a t- mobile store in the clayton valley shopping center around 6:00 in the morning. that robber stole several phones and ran off, leaving the truck behind. the store has hired arm security to parole the area here as investigators are looking over that surveillance video so they can hopefully
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catch whoever did this. reporting live in pleasant hill, cbs 5. the first ever double amputee olympic athlete will be in court tomorrow to face murder charges. that's right. oscar pistorius was arrested for shooting and killing his girlfriend inside his home. hours hours before the murder, the victim tweeted saying, it should be a day of love for everyone, may it be blessed. >> neeif you remember it last year, becoming the first double amputee runner to compete. forensic investigators are testing him for drugs and alcohol and looking for evidence under his fingernails. it appears to be a first for the department of veteran's affairs. the same-sex spouse of a military member will be buried in the national cemetery.
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a waiver was granted. she and lieutenant colonel, linda campbell have been together twenty years. they were registered domestic partners in oregon where they lived. the defense department says it's a one-time exception. the president's pick for defense secretary will have to wait another week for confirmation. senate republican successfully blocked chuck hagel's nomination, coming up two short of the 60 needed. the vote means the process will be on hold while lawmakers take a week-long break. mr. obama called the isn't the's tactics unfortunate politics. the president had to hustle home from a stop at a georgia preschool today. he was there to pitch his plan to increase access to early education. but he told the crowd that he had a valentine's date tonight that he could not break. he promised the first lady dinner out at a d.c. restaurant.
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he also joked that it's easier to get flowers for his wife now with the rose garden right outside his door. >> it's convenient. we have bahum bug for the holidays, but what do they say? the greeting card companies haven't come up with anything yet, but mike shows us, maybe they should. >> it started as a nerdy little kid who never got valentine's. still never got them,. >> i hate, hate, hate valentine's day. >> that was a few years and a couple hair styles ago. i still hate valentine's day. i'm not alone. >> pure commercialism. i feel sorry for people who don't have too much money, but pressured to buy things for valentine's day. >> reporter: 18.5 billion in the u.s. according to the national retail federation. women only $53. >> it makes people feel bad. >> if you don't get something, so plans to have a talk with
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seven month old when it's time. >> you care about people, you can express that in other ways and on other days. today is like any other day. >> if not for restaurants, some are starting to cash in on the antivalentine's day sentiment. >> it's a main attraction for the menu of the day. >> matthew in san francisco serves a grilled cheese sandwich, truffle fries, and a bottle of champagne. >> it gets played up so much. we wanted to poke a little fun and have a good time and not take it so seriously. >> the first to turn the holiday on its head and try to make some money on the anticommercial sentiment of a holiday based on buying. mike sugarman, kpix5. nothing says i love you like a face full of feathers. hundreds showed up at san francisco's justin herman plaza
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to celebrate valentine's day with a pillow fight. the flash mob-like event has become quite the tradition. now in its eighth year. participates are supposed to bring synthetic pillows, but some people break that rule. last year the cleanup cost about $5,000. well, we celebrated valentine's day with great weather. >> i have video of kids in my house. how did that happen? i told them not to record that. here's what we have happening. we have a major weather change coming, but it's not coming tomorrow. let's talk about the warm we have tomorrow and the wet that is coming up next week. here's what we are looking at right now over san jose. beautiful night, drop down to the low to mid 40s in the south bay. 43 for san jose. 45 for oakland. san rafael 42. certainly not warm, but it's average. mid february. one thing i want to show you
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here. we're at the peek of high pressure. we can tell this because we can see how high the ridge of high pressure goes up to the north. when it gets shoved up to the north, right north of us, it's at its peek. when it's at its strongest, we're going to get an offshore wind. as opposed to the cool pacific ocean, we get warmer. we went from 60 yesterday to 70 today. we'll stay that way for friday and saturday as that wind will continue to come out of the northeast. then things begin to change. if you like winter-like weather, this is for you. by sunday, high pressure moves to the south. same dome of high pressure, but we are getting an on shore wind coming off the cool, pacific ocean. 52 degrees is the temperature. likely on president's day, we aren't going to hit 60 degrees. after that, here comes the first of many fronts, which will give us rain fall, perhaps steady, soaking rain fall by the middle of next week. we have tomorrow, we have saturday with temperatures close to 70. then we begin to cool off, but stay dry on sunday and monday.
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after that, we head back to work or school after the long holiday weekend. it is going to get cold and it is going to get wet. enjoy it. oakland, that's 10 degrees above average. look at campbell. 71. los altos, 71. walnut creek and livermore, looking very toasty tomorrow, near 70. 66 for san rafael. downtown san francisco, 67 degrees. we're warm through saturday. cooling off a bit sunday. look at monday now. upper 50s. and this back half of the seven- day forecast is ken bastida friendly. >> unlike the winter-time rain fall, we are going to be doing some filling starting tuesday. three days in a row with a chance of rain. >> enough of this sunshine, it's february. >> a little bit. you know what is great? we get a blend of the two. right now we're getting too much of one. here's what we have coming. >> thanks, paul.
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coming up, dancing with a serious purpose. what these inmates and people around the world are trying to end. ,,,,,,
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all over the world today. it included flash mobs, live m and dancing prison i a one-of-a-kind event took place all over the world. flash mobs, live music, and dancing prison inmates. today, dancing without borders brought some creative therapy to some inmates who have been arrested for violence against women. it is part of today's global attention to the estimated 1 billion women and girls victimized by violence. inmates say this is a relief that helps. >> i was abusive because i had a lot of anger problems. i still have an anger problem, but i'm in this program trying to stop my violence and become
10:25 pm
a better person. >> san francisco sheriff invited the program to jail. he pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges against his wife last year. she took part in the event as well. a sun is setting on a new art project that has been drawing large crowds. >> not him there, but someone who just sat down, played the piano. has been playing the grand piano on a bluff since february 1. as it falls victim to the elements, the concept to show that everything is in flux and we just have to go with it. he has no permit and has to move. after one last performance on a yacht, he will take the piano to a field and burn it as the end of his art project. right away, that wasn't john lenen, either. the eyes of college basketball
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were on the bay area tonight. could the st. mary's inch closer to the big dance? the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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basketball game of the seas took place tonight from the biggest bay area college basketball game of the season took place tonight. wayne, start the clock. there's sam, remember that? a long time ago, between st. mary's and gonzaga, there is matthew. st. mary's led by one. but the second half belonged to gonzaga. the number five team in the country. king of the wcc. they win tonight.
10:29 pm
cal hosting ucla. another stellar performance. nba three points. at one point, cal led by 28. theydominated. david on the putback. double-double for him. they take down ucla. injuries for the a's, even before. but stanford down 1. randall for the win. 65-64. and grant will miss four to six weeks after undergoing surgery to repair a torn maniscus. he is expected to be ready by opening day. i'll be headed to arizona tomorrow to give you a complete report as we head into next week as we get ready for baseball season. >> giants defending and the a's, pretty good. >> great. h, chase see you at 11:00.

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